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  • Will I qualify for your pool?

    If you're a club, radio or special events DJ, a radio station, or a venue that can provide public play for the artists and labels we represent, you’ll qualify for our promotional releases. See a full list of qualifying credentials here or read more below.

  • Is the music and music video I receive mine to keep?

    You bet. We’re a download service, not a streaming service. Once downloaded our files require no Internet to play and are yours to keep even when you’re no longer a customer.

  • Can I just get the music I want?

    Sure. We offer lots of single genre plans that will let you zero in on just what you’re looking for. If you specialize in a genre or two, you can easily combine our single genre plans to create your own combo and if there’s a better deal available, we’ll be sure to let you know!

  • What’s the difference between the songs I receive from POOL and iTunes, etc.?

    Apple, Amazon and the majority of streaming service simply don’t offer the tools DJs need. In addition to the radio versions those services provide, we offer the exclusive Clean Edits, mix-friendly Intro Edits & Quick Edits, and the essential remixes & dance mixes you’ll need to work family, corporate and club events.

  • Is POOL licensed to distribute music and music video?

    We sure are, and have been since 1992. All music and music video serviced to you comes licensed from the labels for your use in public venues.

  • Do your plans include access to past releases?

    As a licensed pool we are prohibited from bundling promotional releases with major label legacy releases.

  • How does your Free Trial work?

    We offer qualified DJs who have never tried our service the chance to enjoy a one-month, no-obligation trial. To arrange your trial email us at


  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We honor Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, credit and debit. We do not accept PayPal.

  • Are there any start-up costs?

    There are no additional costs to opening a POOL account: Pick a plan. Pay for the plan. Done.

  • On what date will I be billed again?

    Your POOL plan will auto-renew monthly on the first of each month .

  • How can I update my credit card information?

    Go to My Account on the top right under your name. From that page's menu, click on Billing.

  • How can I cancel my monthly billing?

    Go to My Account on the top right under your name. Your active monthly subscriptions appear on that page with the option to cancel.

    Note:   You will continue to receive all music for any subscriptions you have already paid for through the end of the month. You will keep all music you have already paid for. It's yours.

  • Can I renew a cancelled subscription?

    Sure! Just and resubscribe. If you recently cancelled, your My Account page will have easy options to renew. Check out our full product catalogue for all of our available subscriptions.


  • I never received the invitation email I need to use my POOL subscription …

    If you didn’t receive your POOL invitation email (or can’t find it in your spam folder) contact us at We’ll double-check your email address and have a new invitation on the way right away!

  • I need to reset my password …

    Open POOL and hit the



    start a live chat by clicking on Tech support button here or at the top left of this page


    give us a call at +1 (407) 331-3600 and consider it done.

  • My downloads are really slow …

    Try checking your download speed at Anything under 10 mbps may cause an issue as POOL needs a strong connection to function properly. Certain antivirus programs may also keep our servers from connecting and downloading properly. You can easily solve this by creating an exception in your antivirus program for POOL, or by simply turning off real time scanning while you download.

  • My hard drive crashed and all my music is gone …

    Gone but not forgotten. Lose a file, a folder or your entire POOL collection and we can make it available to download again with a quick email to


  • Am I eligible for a Promo Only subscription?

    If you're a club, radio or special events DJ, a radio station, or a venue that can provide public play for the artists and labels we represent, you’ll qualify for our promotional releases.

  • What do I need to qualify for a subscription?

    We require only a few simple DJ credentials to qualify you to become a subscriber! A business name, a social media page for that business, a website for that business, and an email attached to your business domain (no gmail or yahoo, etc) are typically what we receive from new customers. However, we do have other options that will qualify you for a subscription, we just need a total of 4 credentials to qualify you. For a complete list of qualifying credentials please email

  • Why do I need to provide credentials if I had a subscription in the past?

    We are required to get credentials for all new subscriptions effective 1/1/21. If you didn't have an active subscription as of that date, we will need to qualify you through the credential process.

  • Why do I need to prove I'm a DJ to get a subscription?

    Part of being a legal pool for DJs includes working with the record labels to meet their guidelines for who we can offer our services to. To ensure only the proper industry professionals (like DJs, radio stations, and entertainment venues) can subscribe, we are required to obtain at least 4 credentials to qualify new subscribers.

  • I've been a successful DJ for X number of years and don't have most of the credentials. How can I subscribe?

    We are required to get credentials for all new subscriptions, regardless of how long you've been in business. However, we believe adding some of the criteria from the credentials list (like a business website, professional email, professional social media, DJ association membership, DJ insurance) will strengthen your business and hopefully earn you even more business in the future!

  • I prefer to use Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or another free service for my email. Will that qualify if it's my business email?

    To count as a qualifying credential, your email must be a professional business email- meaning it will be at your domain (like If you have a website, it likely includes free email. Even if you prefer another service, you can set up forwarding for your email to go to your preferred email. For instance, you can have forward to We'll have as your contact email since that qualifies as a professional email and you'll still get our emails since they'll forward to your gmail. Not only that, but it will make your business look more professional!

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