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I Like Music FAQ

In addition to being your one-stop shop for new releases and exclusive DJ edits
Promo Only also offers single-song purchase of high-quality audio ILM Catalog releases.

  • What is ILM Catalog?

    I Like Music (ILM) owns and curates the largest licensed music library in the world, delivering broadcast quality audio files and associated metadata of millions of titles, with music from over 10,000 labels and every chart hit since 1952..

  • Is Promo Only partnered with I Like Music (ILM)?

    We are exclusively partnered with ILM, a collaboration that makes us the only licensed DJ pool able to offer single song purchases of audio files that are yours to keep.

  • How do I access ILM Catalog?

    Simply click the ILM tab you’ll see on our POOL app’s toolbar, search for any title or artist, purchase your choice of credit packs and receive your choice of 320Mp3 or WAV directly to your POOL player.

  • Can I purchase individual ILM songs?

    You can, for less than the cost of Apple and Amazon, including many hard-to-find wedding requests and titles no longer available for commercial sale.

  • My ILM History Tab is not showing all of my downloads from ILM?

    Only ILM tracks downloaded inside of POOL will be the only shown in the ILM History tab of POOL.

  • Does ILM offer bulk discounts?

    You will receive discounts of up to 50% by purchasing any one of a variety of credit packs from ILM and enjoy special email offers too.

  • Do my ILM credits expire?


  • Are my ILM purchases delivered to my POOL app?

    Yes. And will be delivered along with all POOL releases to any folder or drive you select.

  • I have an issue with an ILM download(s)?

    "I Like Music" (ILM) directly handles all questions related to downloads from the ILM catalog. Please contact ILM Support for assistance.

  • Do you offer product support for ILM Catalog?

    Please contact ILM Support for assistance on ILM downloads. For anything else, you can reach support by email, LiveChat or by calling +1 (407) 331-3600 M-F from 9a to 6p ET.

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